Hark, a Vagrant!


My husband bought the Hark, a Vagrant! book recently and insisted I read it too. I’m so glad he did. Not only is it great to read funny things from someone who is also mystified by the “sex sells history” trend (and shares my love of early political cartoons), it’s fun to see Canadian history given the comic treatment.

(I also squealed and clapped my hands when I saw this comic about Napoleon’s height, as my favourite annoying small talk fact is that he was actually 5’7″, bang on average for the time.)

18th Century and Earlier, Books

Pretty much why I love “everyday” history.

“Well now, history is not just the tale of the victors,” he said, “It’s the tale of the privileged. The men in the mud of the battlefield didn’t leave much of a story behind, and the stories they did tell were mostly ignored or forgotten.”

– A Desperate Fortune, Susanna Kearsley.

Strangely enough, I never really read historical fiction. This book might just convert me, however.